Should you have any questions pertaining to these rules, please ask in the #general_help channel of our Discord.
Rule-set Version: 6.3.0
Date Published: 05/10/20

It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that they are up-to-date with the current rule-set and are aware of any changes, as these can occur at any time and without supplied notice.
Ignorance of rule-set changes will not be accepted as sufficient justification for non-adherence and any action carried out as a consequence cannot be contested.


  • Knocked Out / KO: Any player that suffers a critical injury and is revived by EMS or respawns at a medical facility.
  • Critical Injury (previously Death): The result of an accident or purposeful harm to another player that results in their character being knocked out, such as a car accident or being shot.
  • Death (Permadeath): The result of a character being killed and their story ending permanently.
  • Airlifted (Respawn): When a player is critically injured and respawns inside of Pillbox Hospital or the Bolingbroke infirmary (when jailed upon respawn).
  • Store Robbery: Any theft of funds at a convenience store like 24/7 or liquor store.
  • Player Robbery: Any theft of items from a player in-game.
  • Heist: Any ‘major robbery’ from somewhere that isn’t a convenience store – they’re usually more complicated and take more effort, plus give out high rewards. Our current heists include the Pacific Standard Bank, Fleeca Banks and the Jewelry store.


Conditions of Entry

  • All players requesting access to our roleplay community must complete a mandatory application in order to be considered for whitelist access. You can find that application here.
  • All players must be a member of our discord to be considered for whitelisting. You can join it here.
  • Should a player be granted whitelist access, they will be notified by being tagged in the #newly_whitelisted channel of our Discord.
  • Upon being accepted, players are required to change their Discord nickname to be that of their character name.
  • Any player who breaches the rules, their whitelist access will be removed, resulting in access to both the game server and expanded list of channels being revoked.
  • Due to the age rating placed on Grand Theft Auto V we will only be accepting players 18 years or older.


General Conduct

  • All players are to treat each other with respect at all times. Any form conversation or roleplay involving racism, sexual harassment, rape, and hate-speech will result in a permanent ban from our community (without the opportunity to appeal).
  • Being or breeding toxicity in any platform can have you removed from the community. If you have an issue, address it properly through our Discord ticketing system found in #ticket_request. Do not be involved in or breed toxicity with the goal to create drama.
  • Roleplay that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS), Twitch Community Guidelines and our Ruleset are strictly prohibited.
  • All players are to comply with requests and directives made by the server administrators and moderators.
  • Abusive behaviour towards staff as a result of bans will result in a permanent ban.
  • Any help needed from staff may only be requested through OOC channels – do not text, call or tweet an admin/mod in game for assistance or contact them verbally to do so. This is breaking character and is a bannable offence. Staff are also trying to roleplay, and it is advised to use #general_help on Discord.
  • We have a zero tolerance harassment policy. It results in permanent bans without the chance to appeal.
  • Players should keep in mind that they can not and will not ‘win’ all roleplay situations and that losing is oftentimes great for roleplay.
  • Players can not report a general game rule break of another player once 24 hours have elapsed unless this is a bullying or personal/sexual harassment issues.


Voice and Communication

  • No external communication software is to be used whilst connected to the server. All verbal communication and interactions must be exclusively via in-game voice chat. Players caught using external communications will be banned. Text chat is permitted so as long as it does not break our rules pertaining to metagaming. (See rule section “metagaming”).
  • Unless instructed otherwise by an administrator, all in-game interactions must remain in character.
  • When using in-game voice communications, you must use push to talk.
  • The /me function is in place to add more detail to roleplay where necessary. This is used primarily in medical roleplay such as ‘/me Sutures up your wounds’. Do not abuse the /me command with OOC things.
  • If you find a radio channel used by others you can not identify them via their voice. If they self-identify by name or correlating location, you can use that. If you don’t want to be caught it is suggested to utilise codenames.


Character Creation

  • Characters are not to be named anything that may be considered offensive, inflammatory, or disrespectful to any individual or group.
  • Character attire or appearance must not violate any standards of conduct (ie. must not be nude or offensive).
  • All characters created by players can have the same name and personality as previous seasons, however, they must not have any knowledge or ties to any other pre-existing characters or storylines. Exceptions to this may occur within reason and with the permission of an admin or moderator.
  • Players are NOT permitted to roleplay as characters who are related to another character they actively roleplay as (i.e. Your main character cannot be the sibling to your secondary character).
  • The only exception to the above rules will be temporary plot characters who can be approved by an admin or moderator. They must not exist permanently within the server, and have a maximum ‘lifespan’ of one real week. These characters are plot devices only and should operate only within the confines of the storyline and not pursue their own storyline separate from the one they were created for.
  • A player may not create a new character with the sole purpose of interacting with any of their previous character’s associates or storylines.
  • New characters are not to be used as a way of avoiding any form of consequential action (i.e. law breaking, permadeath etc.).
  • Characters cannot be outlandish in nature without solid RP reasoning, including but not limited to: serial killers, superheroes, cannibals, witches or supervillains.
  • Players may only have TWO characters without seeking admin permission. If the player wishes to have a THIRD character, they must ask a staff member for permission, with their RP reasoning.
  • If a player has recently permanently killed off a character of their own, they are not permitted to permanently kill another character for four weeks (real time).
  • EMS and Law Enforcement are not permitted to be corrupt at this point in time.


General RP

  • Erotic RP is STRICTLY not permitted on OceaniaRP. Alluding to and joking about sexual acts is fine without excess, but actually roleplaying out sexual activities is not.
  • Pregnancy storylines resulting in a birth on the server are not permitted, but a female character may use it as a reason to leave the city or refer to already having had children.
  • Players are not to deliberately act criminally with the sole intent of baiting the Police Department.
  • All players must make all efforts and attempts to engage in roleplay scenarios and events in an organic matter, and must remain mindful not to force involvement where it is unwanted, or where no logical roleplay for that character exists.
  • Griefing other players to force them into a roleplay situation is not permitted. Any form of griefing will not be tolerated.


Value of Life

  • All players must value their lives, regardless of their profession or role. All players must seek to avoid death. Your character does not want to die at any time. Please see the “permadeath” section for further explaination about our “no suicide” rule.
  • If a player is being taken hostage or held at gunpoint, the hostage player is to comply with the demands of the assailant and value their life until they have been released, rescued, or an opportunity to value their freedom arises.
  • Hostage takers MUST NOT carry or lift hostages – Hostages MUST walk themselves.


Injuries, Amnesia and You (New Life Rule)

  • If your death is the result of a player using a firearm or explosive – regardless of whether you were airlifted (respawned to hospital) or saved by EMS on the spot – you CANNOT remember key details such as specific identity, license plates, etc., about anyone that was involved in your death in the situations directly leading up to your death. There is no time requirement on this, this rule applies from when the threats begin.
  • You may remember small details like make/model/color of the vehicle involved/on scene, outfit colour and mask detail. You can also remember the why and how – What the reason was, and where it was done, but NOT who did it. For example: Vince Moey killed you for snitching on him about stealing Jess Tech’s car and using it for crime, so he shot you. You remember someone shooting you for snitching.
  • If you died from a melee or environmental attack such as falling, being stabbed, being hit by a car, ect. – You can remember everything.
  • You can read your texts after being airlifted to recall information lost to amnesia.
  • If you are responsible (directly or indirectly) for critically injuring another player, you are forbidden from pursuing the victim straight after they are rescued, unless the situation has reason to re-occur later. Such as, you can not attack them at the hospital, but if they re-aggravated you a few hours later you can pursue them again.
  • If you are downed you can not relay information learned whilst you are downed.


Permadeath and Total Amnesia

  • Roleplay situations that involve the permanent end to a character’s life and storyline, otherwise known as permadeath or perma are NOT to be taken lightly.
  • Players are to thoroughly consider the consequences of their actions and the appropriate level of response required. This may mean avoiding dangerous plotlines that should surely end in death if permadeath is not your eventual intention. For example: Aggravating an entire gang faction and killing one of their members.
  • Only the player of a character can authorize or permit their character to be permanently killed.
  • When permanently killing off a character, you must let the staff team know to ensure this is played out correctly, and ensure there are no pre-existing fines to your character’s name. Make a ticket for a ‘database change’ to inform staff of the character perma.
  • You will not be approved to permanently kill off your character (and make new characters) if you have outstanding fines and bills to pay.
  • RP situations involving permadeath by way of suicide or self-harm are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Combat and Kill-on-Sight

  • To engage in combat with another player or faction, you must have sufficient RP build-up and reason to do so. 
  • When two factions are at war individual engagement is not needed. The war is the engagement.
  • If you are engaged in roleplay combat you may not leave the server until the conflict has ended. This includes being detained by the police for questioning or when you’re in the jail cells awaiting processing.
  • Even if you have died, you cannot get airlifted (respawn) to the hospital as the situation is still ongoing, and counts as combat logging/situation avoidance. You may only respawn if there is zero chance of you being rescued, and the active situation has either ended, or moved on.
  • You may not store your vehicle in a garage, hide yourself behind a locked door or player owned property for at least ten minutes immediately following combat, or a police chase.



  • Definition: Metagaming is a term used in role-playing games, which describes a player’s use of out-of-character knowledge, to determin the actions taken in game with their characters.
  • Metagaming is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on OceaniaRP.
  • Any information in the discord that is NOT strictly marked as “In Character” is not to be used IC. For example: Stating you know two people have been hanging out because you saw them in a screenshot posted to the GTA RP discord or ‘I saw that on your bodycam’.
  • Major character advantage planning/organisation MUST NOT be planned via email, and instead must be played in game. Emailing must only be used for the explansion of narrative plots, not to gain power over other characters/players.
  • You may not log-in to assist in a situation because you saw your friends in trouble on a stream, or were told to do so via Discord.



  • Definition: Powergaming is the term used to describe player actions or behaviour where the player disregards any conventional rules of roleplay or structure to provide their character with an unfair advantage. For example, a character that has developed superhuman abilities that makes them invincible.
  • Powergaming is STRITCTLY PROHIBITED on OceaniaRP.
  • Players can not use /me to powergame – such as, but not limited to: “/me *breaks out of cuffs*”
  • Players should roleplay realistically with their injuries. If you’ve been shot six times even after receiving treatment you should roleplay with weakness and pain – instantly getting up to pursue your attackers is powergaming.
  • Using another player to transfer money between two or more of your own characters is NOT ALLOWED.



  • Criminal Organisations are currently limited to six active members. Organisations may have associates who do not count towards this number, however, external individuals who are ‘honorary’ members that attend meetings, wear crew colours, ect., are prohibited.
  • A player can only be in one criminal organisation at a time.
  • Being in a criminal organisation, gang or crew means you must prioritise members of your crew above all others. For instance, when selecting people to do a job with, you must pull from your pool of members before seeking external help. Only if they are unavailable should you select external help.
  • Any criminals participating in a crime at one location is limited to four. Should there be a gunfight with the PD, or another faction, no more than four associated criminals can be fighting at the same time, for the same side. Additionally this includes drug manufacturing and sales, guarding people, manhunts – Any situation you feel is likely to result in combat.
  • If rescuing a captured friend, they are NOT included in your crew limit, however, they cannot engage in combat if it were to occur. If they are released from the situation and you are collecting them, they ARE included in your crew cap.
  • You cannot send players in ‘from the bench’ as a person in the four man group goes down to replace them, to keep the numbers constantly at four alive. It is strictly four, dead or alive.
  • You may steal player owned vehicles and chop them, however, you MUST NOT steal EMS and PD vehicles without proper RP reasoning. Joyriding is NOT proper RP reasoning.
  • Criminal activities are to be conducted via ground and sea vehicles only. If players wish to use air vehicles, they must be located at an external location and be traveled to.
  • Heists, robberies, and drug sales MAY NOT be conducted on, or utilizing motorcycles or player-owned supercars.
  • When robbing a player, if that player manages to get away while you are robbing them, you must stop stealing their items.
  • “Volunteer hostages” are NOT permitted.
  • Players wearing face masks CANNOT be identified by voice – The mask muffles them. Even if you do not hear the said muffling, you are to roleplay as if the muffling is happening.


Jail and Jailbreaks

  • Players are NOT to use vehicles/aircrafts to land in, or break the fences in order to gain access to the prison. This includes physically jailbreaking a player, or ‘hanging out’ with a player serving a sentence.
  • Players can only leave prison by serving their time, or, by being broken out via available jailbreaking methods such as doorhacking.
  • Criminal crew numbers apply when attempting to prison break. For example, if a four man crew is breaking out one person, you cannot give a gun to that one person to fight, as that crew total will become five. However, if it was a three person crew, that would become the fourth and can fight.
  • Jailbreaks are to be conducted via ground vehicles ONLY.


Tackling and Lifting

  • You should only be tackling someone in a combat situation if you have intent or RP reason to do so.
  • Do not carry/lift players on bicycles, ATV’s, motorcycles and jet skis. The ONLY exception is if said player is downed and you’re attempting to rescue them.
  • Do not pick up and carry random strangers on the street. You must have intent and RP reason to carry someone.
  • Users are not to use the lift mechanism to continuously move downed players away from EMS. You may only move unconscious players for the first ten minutes of them becoming unconscious.
  • Users can not use the ‘lift’ mechanisms to carry more then one unconscious/injured person at a time.


Glitch Exploitation and Hacking

  • If you find a bug that gives you some sort of personal gain, you must report it by making a bug report ticket.
  • Exploiting a bug for personal gain is a punishable offense.
  • OceaniaRP does not allow the use of modified clients and trainers. Anyone found using these WILL be permanently banned.



  • Players wearing masks must be aware that if they continuously use the same mask, outfit, and vehicles, may allow them to be identified by police and cilivians. If you wish to remain anonymous, you should mix up your look and vehicles.
  • Your vehicle – Even if it does not physically have plates, as a VIN number. Police can identify your vehicle as belonging to you upon inspection. If you do not want to be traced to a crime, consider using a stolen vehicle.