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Welcome to OceaniaRP, a FiveM Grand Theft Auto roleplay server based in the oceanic region.

The server, established in April of 2019 under a different name, has explained rapidly over its short time becoming one of the more popular servers in the region. The server, being a whitelisted only place, is full of a great community of people who enjoy a fun roleplay experience.

The server is based on players building a life like story for their made characters. Each have become special in their own way. We are a community that embraces creative ideas and interesting story lines to keep all those playing on the edge of their seats.


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Time for a new life?

Do you want to be a criminal and do hold up a poor shop clerk? Or are you going to be the well loved person around the town? If you think you have what it takes to join this amazing community, we want to hear your story! Head over to the apply page and fill out your application. If accepted, we look forward to seeing you in another life!