How do I join the server?

  • You’ll need to have Fivem installed to access our server. Fivem is a GTA modded client that allows people to run and join dedicated servers. That being said, we are a desktop only community.
  • You need to be a member of our discord, have submitted an application and been granted whitelisting. When you’re whitelisted, you’ll see a discord channel called #server_details that has the addresses for our server and teamspeak!


What is roleplay?

  • Roleplay is when you take on the role of someone who is not yourself. In GTA Roleplay, this means you’re a new citizen of Los Santos with a name, personality and traits generally separate from your own. With your character, you make stories and meet other players. Basically it’s almost like you’re inside a TV show playing one of the characters!


How is roleplay different from GTA: online?

  • In GTA roleplay servers people are expected to act more realistically then they do in GTA:O. This means no randomly shooting eachother and the features of GTA:O are absent. The server is set up to allow you to make money and do things in a realistic way.


I’m not from the Oceanic region.. can I still play?

  • Sure thing! Everyone is welcome to apply, but you just need to keep in mind that you may experience lag. That being said, we have a few long-standing members from Europe and North America who have had a great time on our server!


I haven’t heard back about my application, what should I do?

  • Make sure you’ve joined the discord. You can’t be whitelisted without being in the discord.
  • Email shelby@oceaniarp.net if you do not hear back within 1 week of applying.


Uh the server says I need to use TokoVoIP to play.. what is TokoVoIP and how do I use it?

  • TokoVoIP is a teamspeak plugin that gives us superior audio in game! With TokoVoIP you can hear people talking far away, talking on the phone and more just like you would in real life. Thankfully one of our moderators has put together an informative, easy to follow video on how to set up TokoVoIP!



Below is a list of keybind, some of which are changeable via the GTA menu, others custom to our server. Please hit each drop down box to see the relative keys for that section.

Command Action
/ OOC Chat, requesting help (Not for IC use)
/crime For use of Drug Tweets and criminal related activities
/quit Disconnect and Quit from the server
/emotemenu See list of emotes
/emotebind Follow the guide to bind your emote to a keybind
/emotebinds See your current binded emotes
/e [emote name] Perform an emote.
/me Text type performing an Action. EG: ties shoelace
/notes Opens notepad to write on (you must own a notepad)
/race Set up a race
/tweet Send a tweet to the server
/hat Take off and put on your hat&
/glasses Take off and put on your glasses&
/mask Take off and put on your mask&
/cash Show your money on hand&
/bank Show your money in the bank&
/bank Show your money in the bank&
/job Show your current job&
/society Show your current job&
/showall Show your cash, bank, society, job&
/seat[1-5] Switch seats in a vehicle&
/engine [off/on] Turn the vehicle off or on&
/door[1-4] Open door(s) of the vehicle&
/hood Open hood of the vehicle&
/boot Open boot of the vehicle&
/carry Carry someone over your shoulder&
/drag Escort someone with you&


On Foot
Keybind Action
W Forward
S Backwards
A Left
D Right
Shift Sprint
Left Ctrl Square Up/Target
Space Jump
Shift + X Tackle
Tab Weapons Menu
F Enter/Exit Vehicle
M Phone/Radio PTT (by default)
Z Cycle Voice Range
X Cancel emote/action
Q Cover
R Reload
T Text Menu
Y Access Boot
U Lock/Unlock Car
P Pause/Access Map
G Throwable item
C Look backwards
V Cycle View
B Point
Hands Up
= Hand over gun
` Carry Menu
Insert Clothing Menu (Hat, Ear accessorys, Glasses, Masks)
Del Show ID
1 Unarmed
2 Select Melee Weapon
3 Select Shotgun
4 Select Heavy Weapon
5 Select Special Weapon
6 Select Pistol
7 Select Smg
8 Select Assault Riffle
9 Select Sniper Riffle
F1 Phone
F2 Inventory
F3 Emote Menu
F6 Job Menu
F7 Invoice Menu
F8 Console
F9 Tablet
F10 Scoreboard
Driving (Car/Motorbike)

Keybind Action
W Forward
S Reverse
A Left
D Right
Caps Lock Toggle Cruise Control
Q Radio Menu
Tab Weapons Menu
C Look Behind
E Horn
X Duck/Hide
B Seatbelt
R Cinematic Camera
H Headlights
Space Handbreak

Emergency Vehicles
Keybind Action
Q Toggle Lights
Shift Toggle Sirens
Left Alt Cycle Siren Sounds
R Hold Sirens
Ctrl + Left Arrow Speed Radar (Police Only)
Shift + Left Arrow Rader Unlock/Reset (Police Only)
Driving (Push Bike)

Keybind Action
W Forward
S Reverse
A Left
D Right
Caps Lock Sprint
Q Front Brakes
Tab Weapons Menu
C Look Behind
E Bell
X Duck/Hide
R Cinematic Camera
H Headlights
Space Jump